contacts that don't need removed at night

Have you heard about contact lenses that can be worn for a week straight without having to remove them to sleep? Learn about them here.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Having A Kamra Inlay Procedure Done

3 December 2017
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Kamra inlay is a corneal implant procedure that is designed to reduce the need for reading glasses. This type of procedure is done only on patients who have blurry vision and trouble while reading. A lens is implanted into the cornea that helps improve vision and hopefully eliminates the need for reading glasses in patients. If you are tired of having to buy glasses to read, you may be considering the kamra inlay procedure. Read More …

Four Tips To Fight Digital Eye Strain

11 September 2017
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It's an eye problem that is becoming more and more of a problem every time a new smartphone is released or a new laptop. People are spending more and more of their time behind screens and not just on their leisurely time either, but also at work. Here are four tips to help you fight the digital eye strain: Recognize the Symptoms: First off, you need to be able to recognize the symptoms so you know when you need to take action to fix it. Read More …

Treatments Your Eye Doctor Might Recommend For Your Dry Eyes

26 June 2017
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If you have dry eyes, you know how uncomfortable the condition is. Your eyes feel gritty and painful. Many things cause this condition, so eliminating your dry eyes could be a matter of figuring out what is causing it and eliminating the cause. For instance, dry eyes can be a side effect of medication or a complication of another medical condition. Other times, dry eyes result as a consequence of aging, eye strain, or an abnormality in the structure of the eye. Read More …

The Advantages Of Same-Day Glasses At Your Optometrist’s Office

10 February 2017
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Finding out you need new glasses can be kind of a letdown. However, getting your glasses prescription filled right in your optometrist's office and picking them up the same day as your appointment may be the silver lining you need to get going on this necessary task. Here are some advantages of same-day glasses prescription filled at your optometrist's office. You Will Have Less Headaches and Eye Strain to Endure  Read More …

3 Non-Surgical Treatment Options For Children With Amblyopia

4 April 2016
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Amblyopia, colloquially called lazy eye, is an eye condition characterized by decreased vision in one eye. It occurs when the brain decides to favor one eye and ignore information from the other eye; this can happen if the eyes are misaligned or if one eye has better vision than the other. The ignored eye—in response to being ignored by the brain—may then wander and become lazy. A number of treatments are available for children with ambylopia. Read More …

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contacts that don't need removed at night

I have worn contact lenses for the last twenty years and never had any problems with them. I had heard about contact lenses that could be worn for a week straight without having to remove them to sleep. This is something that really interested me because there are mornings that I just don't have the time to mess around cleaning and putting in new lenses. I liked the thought of being able to watch TV in bed without having my glasses pressing on the sides of my head. I created this blog to provide other contact lens wearers with the information that I used to decide whether or not to try these new lenses.